Thought: There's no such thing as a lucky winner in sports.

Instead of rewarding people based on shares, likes and pure luck, the Nike+ lottery increases your chance of winning depending on how hard you work.

canon royal wedding .png

Thought: Demonstrate the quality and optical zoom capabilities of Canon Powershot cameras with out of home experiences that let people test it for themselves.

Canon will invite the public to attend the biggest and exclusive events as part of their press team. They get to see how impressive and easy the cameras are to use while getting to see their idols at movie premieres or the next royal wedding.

Thought: 'Sorry, I'm washing my hair' isn't an acceptable excuse anymore. But if you want to stay home, soothe yourself in a shower and do whatever the hell you want instead, then that's your right. 

A fake calendar app that generates a great excuse for whenever you need it. Simply give it your home city and interests and Original will source the rest.

"Next Wednesday? Let me check my calendar..."

original source excuse.png